our story
We pride ourselves on being cutting-edge thinkers who challenge each other to grow and evolve.

Exponential Trading (EXP) is a proprietary trading firm based in Sydney, focused on dominating the Asia Pacific markets. Founded in 2013 by Ebon Bokody when he saw an opportunity to improve on his trading and challenge himself to build his own company.

Developers and traders work closely together to create and develop new automated trading strategies. We actively trade a wide variety of strategies and products throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our strategies span high frequency trading, market making, arbitrage trading and quantitative trading. We are active in stocks, options, futures, ETF’s, FX, crypto and more.

In 2014 Joseph Lee, an old friend joined the team as our Chief Technology Officer, and remains in that role til this day. Through Joseph's guidance, the development team has produced dozens of trading strategies, market connections and infrastructure solutions that have powered EXP to where it is today.

From the beginning EXP has been fortunate to acquire amazingly talented traders and developers who have become a part of our story and driven our success. EXP has tremendous breadth and talent in its team. We have carefully handpicked the best senior traders, graduate traders and developers in the market to join us on our journey.

Ebon Bokody
Joseph Lee