why EXP?

Meritocracy Breeds Success

We're the top trading company in the world in the products that we trade. We're aiming to be the #1 trading company in the world in terms of profitability and trading volume in those too.

At EXP we are all equal, we all contribute to the success of the company and everyone’s voice is heard. You're not going to become lost in a sea of people here. We are small, our relationships are closer and everyday your work and input make direct impact to the business. We want you to have autonomy and ownership of your work and be rewarded for it.

The culture at EXP is second to none, diversity is encouraged and celebrated. We hire good people, all willing to share their knowledge to help solve problems together, better each-other and grow. We prioritise the health of our employees, having gym membership allowances and, an in-house chef prepare fresh, delicious and nutritious meals and snacks daily for all our staff.  

We don't just work together, but spend time together outside of working hours; whether it be meals together after work, running in-house poker tournaments or on our staff retreats (Byron Bay, November 2019).

The opportunities here at EXP are unmatched, if you are an innovative, high achiever with great ideas you have the opportunity to exponentially thrive with us.

We've recently moved into our new office space over-looking Sydney Harbour. We love it , and we're sure you will too.

We're putting in the effort to make EXP one of the best and most fulfilling places to work.


Where Brilliant Minds Prosper

Our values can be captured in the simple acronym COMET.

We are competitive by nature, we strive to be the very best at what we do.
Open to Learning
We are confident in our achievements but are always open to learning. To hold our edge and to stay competitive in this dynamic industry.
We want you to thrive on your merit. We are fair, we value and reward performance and input. Connections or tenure only get you so far.
Empathy and EQ
We love to celebrate our successes, but we're aware of all members of our team's mindsets. We are a supportive team, a collective, a family. We are highly motivated performers but genuinely care for each other.
Innovation and problem solving are essential traits of the EXP team, especially when situations are so dynamic. It's how we overcome challenges outside of our comfort zone. We need to out-think the competition.
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